last days

Life’s details overwhelm me, and I use the camera’s frame to distill them.  The only aspects of my life that will never change are the simple, yet complex facts that I am first a daughter and now a mother.  The photographic series Last Days encompasses six months, from November 27, 2012 until May 28, 2013, when my daughter had her learner’s permit.  Before then, I had been the designated driver, and my work explored the tedium and inspiration of waiting.

This series of images reveals my experience as a passenger; the square format color photographs acknowledge fragments of the twenty-plus miles of urban landscape my daughter and I navigated together while she drove during this finite period of time.  Black and white photographs supplement those images and examine the intersection of the natural and urban landscapes as I left Griffith Park after dropping her off at school.  Water main construction necessitated waiting in a “flagger operated,” single lane before leaving the park.  I used this time in the halted car to photograph through the driver’s side window, yielding images that reify mostly unexceptional and overlooked visual fields.



three (color)